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Adult Group Tennis Class Format

This season, Tennis on the Lake will offer six 4-week sessions, running continuously from April 25th to October 23rd at five city locations. Weekday adult tennis classes meet twice per week (8 classes) and weekend classes meet once per week (4 classes). Tennis classes meet for either 60 or 90 minutes. We highly recommend the 90 minute classes for the value and to maximize the tennis player's development.
Sheridan Park
(Little Italy/UIC)
Jonquil Park
(Lincoln Park)
Welles Park
(Lincoln Square)
Hamlin Park
(Roscoe Village)


Choose your location and level below to view schedules and register online.


Level Descriptions

Adult Beginner Classes- Level I

Prereqs: For students with limited or no experience playing tennis. You are primarily working to keep the ball in play.

Course Description: Tennis instruction include proper grips, footwork and conventional techniques for groundstrokes, net play and serves will be introduced. You will learn basic court positioning and how to keep score in a tennis match.

Adult Advanced Beginner Classes – Level II

Prereqs: For students who have had formal tennis training in the past or have successfully played regular games and matches. You are able hit most of your groundstrokes into the opposite court, know how and when to volley (hit the ball out of the air before the bounce) but may struggle making serves into the proper service box. You know where to position yourself on the court for singles and doubles play.

Course Description: Less time will be spent introducing basic stroke mechanics than in the Beginner?s tennis lesson course. Instead your core technique flaws will be detected and corrected while drilling from all positions on the court. This adult tennis lesson course will emphasize developing consistency while having to move to shots and in hitting stroke combinations.

Adult Intermediate Classes – Level III

Prereqs: For students comfortable playing a full, regular singles or doubles tennis match. You can sustain a 10-shot baseline to baseline rally on the singles court, although you generally lack depth and directional control on your groundstrokes. You come to the net on a short ball, although your approach shot may not challenge your opponent. You can make most of your volleys but may not feel comfortable at the net. You rarely double fault but your second serve is weak OR you double fault often going for too much on both serves. You are developing teamwork in doubles tennis.

Course Description: Significant stroke and footwork mechanical flaws will still be addressed and corrected while drilling, although less time will be spent in this class on technique than in Levels I & II. This course will emphasize consistent depth and directional control while drilling in order to increase your ability to control points while playing. We will also work on developing an efficient and more challenging second serve and introduce topspin and slice on the ground strokes.

Adult Intermediate II Classes – Level IV

Prereqs: For students who have had extensive professional tennis training or frequently play tennis matches recreationally. You can easily achieve a 10-shot baseline to baseline rally on half the doubles court going down the line or cross court but may have difficulty switching direction. You can hit volleys deep or at a short angle although you may still struggle with lobs and overheads. You are able to hit with some spin on groundstrokes and serves but may not be comfortable with other types of spin. You either hit with great control or power but, most likely, not both  may be lost due to impatience. Teamwork in doubles tennis is evident.

Course Description: This course will emphasize hitting with increased consistency, directional control, spins and power. You will learn to better control your points by being aware of and reacting effectively to offensive and defensive situations.

Adult Advanced Intermediate Classes – Level V

Prereqs: For students who have played extensive competitive tennis; most likely in high school, college or sanctioned tennis tournaments. You can easily achieve a 20-shot baseline to baseline rally going down the line or cross court. You can hit topspin and slice groundstrokes and serves, hit effective approach shots or winners off short balls and put the ball away at the net. you can hit first serves with power and accuracy and place the second serve. You tend to overhit on difficult shots. Aggressive net play is common in doubles.

Course Description: This adult tennis course will emphasize developing your weapons and decreasing weak points through drilling. We will also drill specialty strokes and stroke combinations. Point and game play analysis will determine our focus for drills.

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